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Special offer for scientists from Ukraine

To apply by our fast-track recruitment route, email us to a dedicated address: and include the most important information about your education, degree, research interests and experience.

Our recruitments open now and coming soon:

  • PhD student, postdoc and technical positions – several opportunities in the ReMedy “Regenerative mechanisms for health” project (molecular basis of cellular stress responses): Prof. Magda Konarska, Dr Karolina Szczepanowska, Dr Maciej Cieśla and Dr Anna Marusiak groups,

  • Postdoc in chemical biology in Sonata Bis project: Dr Remigiusz Serwa group,

  • Postdocs in molecular and cell biology, mitochondria related Opus grants: Prof. Agnieszka Chacińska group.

Please follow our website to see current openings if you're interested in specific projects, but it’s also absolutely fine to send us an open application.

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